Coil & AC Cleaning Service in King County, Washington

Cut your energy and operating costs by hiring AirGenie’s AC cleaning service in King County, WA. Breathing stale, dusty air is a thing of the past, but to keep your air quality in optimal condition, air conditioner maintenance is essential for a breathable air environment. Our company specializes in evaporating and condenser coil cleaning necessary for proper cooling and heat exchange in your unit. With our team of professional HVAC experts, we will improve the functionality and increase the longevity of your air conditioning system. 

If you need general air conditioning maintenance or AC coils cleaning, AirGenie is the company you’ve been looking for! Call us today at 206-741-6868, and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can!

If you’re in Edmonds, Seattle, or anywhere in King County, Washington, call AirGenie today at 206-741-6868 or schedule an appointment through our website. We are committed to bringing you better air quality for the health and convenience of your living spaces.

Why is AC Coils Cleaning Necessary?

The inner and outer coils in your air conditioner transfer heat and cool your indoor space. Over time, these coils can become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, hindering their ability to perform efficiently. Keeping your coils free of accumulations is essential for a functioning system.

  • Improve your energy efficiency and cut down on consumption

  • Improve cooling performance for comfortable indoor temperatures

  • Extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit

  • Prevent system breakdowns and malfunctions

Improve indoor air quality by removing contaminants in your AC unit

Our AC Cleaning Services

At AirGenie, we ensure that every part of your AC unit functions properly. We specialize in coil cleaning and offer general cleaning services for your air conditioning system.


Evaporating Coil Cleaning

Evaporator coils are typically located inside the indoor unit of the air conditioning system. They absorb heat from the indoor air and are responsible for cooling the inside of your home. As warm air passes over the coils, the refrigerant absorbs the heat. AirGenie offers professional evaporator coil cleaning services to restore the cooling efficiency of your AC system.


Condenser Coil Cleaning

Condenser coils are located in the outdoor portion of your air conditioning system. The primary function of condenser coils is to release the heat absorbed by the evaporator coils outdoors. We offer professional condenser coil cleaning services to optimize the performance of your AC system.


General Cleaning & Maintenance

We also offer general AC cleaning services. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment for you and your family. Our expert technicians will meticulously clean various air conditioning system components, including filters, vents, ducts, and more!

Our AC Cleaning Service Steps

We follow a systematic approach to ensure thorough and effective AC coil cleaning. Our technicians are trained to adhere to the highest industry standards, employing the latest techniques and equipment. Our AC cleaning service follows a meticulous approach:

  • An initial inspection to assess the condition of your air conditioner and identify any underlying issues
  • Preparing the area to protect surrounding surfaces and ensure a clean work environment
  • Debris removal using specialized tools to remove dust, dirt, and debris
  • Applying a cleaning solution to break down stubborn contaminants
  • Rinsing and drying to remove the cleaning solution and prevent moisture-related issues

A final inspection to verify the cleanliness and efficiency of the air conditioner and its coils


Why Choose Us?

We are a five-star rated air quality and air duct installation company in King County, WA. We offer customized solutions with careful testing and analysis to ensure the highest quality service in the market.

Where Can I Find Duct Installation Near Me?

We serve the entire King County area. You can find our air duct services in the following:

Burien, WA
Sammamish, WA
Covington, WA
North Bend, WA
Bellevue, WA
Bothell, WA
Seattle, WA

Renton, WA
Auburn, WA
Lynwood, WA
Redmond, WA
Des Moines, WA
Edmonds, WA
Issaquah, WA

Kirkland, WA
Shoreline, WA
Federal Way, WA
Woodinville, WA
Mercer Island, WA
Maple Valley, WA

AC Coils Cleaning FAQ

AirGenie recommends cleaning your AC coils at least once a year to maintain optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Absolutely! By removing dust and debris from the coils, clean air can circulate more effectively, enhancing indoor air quality.

The cleaning process's duration depends on the system's size and the debris buildup extent. Our technicians will provide an estimated timeframe during the inspection.

We strongly advise against attempting AC coils cleaning yourself. It requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and safety precautions.

Our prices depend on the project's scope, the type of HVAC system we're installing, and any other special requirements. Request a quote or call 206-741-6868 today to speak to one of our representatives.

Yes, by improving the efficiency of your AC system, clean coils can significantly reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills.

Trust AirGenie for Professional AC Cleaning Services

When it comes to AC cleaning services in King County, WA, AirGenie is the HVAC company you can trust. With our specialized AC coil cleaning and general AC cleaning services, we guarantee to enhance the efficiency, air quality, and longevity of your AC system. Call 206-741-6868 today or request a quote through our website!

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